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Get fit, have fun, and kick ass at Fulcrum Fitness!

At Fulcrum Fitness, we believe that healthy people are happy people. Healthy people move more, laugh more, and live more. And what better way to get healthy than to take part in one our renowned boot camps, small group training, personal training, or nutrition programs?  We use the best and most cutting edge forms of functional movement, expert instruction, and community building to help you get the fun, safe, and sustainable fitness you need to live a kick-ass life. 

Our approach is simple: Meet with you, assess your current situation, discover your health and fitness goals, and make the best recommendation on how to meet those goals using whichever combination of our services fits your timeframe and budget. Our most successful clients begin with 1-on-1 personal training and nutrition counseling, and phase into small group training and boot camp maintenance plans as they become more educated with how to maximize our tools without as much guidance.

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Fulcrum Boot Camps

Get fit and have fun in our friendly, motivational boot camp workouts.


Personal Training

A comprehensive workout program customized to your specific fitness goals.

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